About us

We were founded several years ago by two artisanal roofers seeking to offer more to their homeowner clientele. At the very beginning, these two young men had specialized in repairing and installing roofing with slate, especially on the Plateau Mont-Royal.

Having gained a reputation for professional work and unparalleled attention to detail, they began to receive offers for flat roofing and suburban house roofing. They took these offers and quickly they had to start enlarging the team which was initially only two people.

Since then, Roof Roofer Montreal has some teams on the road throughout the summer and winter. These teams travel throughout the greater Montreal area (Longueuil and Laval) to repair and repair roofs of all kinds, including green roofs and monolayer membrane roofs.

About us
About us

The values ​​advocated by the entire team are, first, a complete and complete satisfaction of each client with whom Toiture Couvreur Montréal does business. The team of passionate roofers devotes heart and soul to providing a service of superior quality while being in alignment with the strictest labor standards in Quebec.

Second, our team advocates attention to impeccable detail. The two owners, who are slate-roofers working with slate, instilled this value into the center of the business. The third great value we advocate is that of honesty. We are honest with our customers and we give them the right time for their roof. We do not sell under pressure, under any circumstances.

That said, if you are a professional in this industry, you are looking for a job and you are aligned with the fundamental values ​​of Toiture Couvreur Montréal, do not hesitate to get in touch with us to discuss. We are always looking for talent.

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