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The installation of green roofs or green roofs is more and more popular with homeowners in Quebec. This type of roof offers tremendous benefits in addition to being environmentally friendly. There are two main categories of green roofs. First there is the intensive green roof, which is often associated with a garden, a terrace or a kitchen garden on the roof. The second category of roof is without culture, so nothing grows there. It goes without saying that the first type of green roof, having a crop or plantation, requires greater attention and rigorous maintenance. Homeowners usually do not complain about these features, as this type of roof quickly becomes an integral part of the homeowners’ lifestyle.

What is a green roof and are they popular in the Montreal area?

The green roof is often composed of a multitude of layers resembling plastic or rubber. It is true that most green roofs are installed on flat roofs, but this is not always the case since it is possible to install or repair on sloped roofs.

The first layer is a membrane, be an elastomer or a derivative of plastic. When properly applied by professionals, it offers an excellent seal against the weather and the possible climatic changes in the city of Montreal. The second layer allows to retain a sufficient amount of water so that the vegetation can survive without having to always drain the green roof. The third layer is a geotextile membrane that allows filtration of the roof. The last layer before the plant layer is a form of fertilizer and soil that will allow vegetation to grow.

Why install or repair a green roof in the city of Montreal?

The green roofs make the city of Montreal more pleasant to live for all the inhabitants. They reduce heat islands, especially during long heat waves that the city can face.

Advantage # 1 of Plant Roof Installation and Repair – Aesthetics

The greenery can sometimes be rare when we live in the city, be in the City of Montreal, in the city of Laval or on the South Shore. These roofs offer an undeniable aesthetic side thanks to its natural greenery.

Advantage # 2 of Plant Roof Installation and Repair – Insulation

The temperature in Quebec fluctuates enormously. This type of roof, with or without vegetation, provides adequate insulation for the region. In fact, it is even better to have a green roof during the summer since the energy of the sun is normally absorbed and transformed by vegetation.

Advantage # 3 of Plant Roof Installation and Repair – Vegetation

When a green roof is well maintained, it is possible to grow a whole garden and grow fruits, vegetables and all kinds of herbs.

Benefit # 4 of installation and repair of green roof – long life

Green roofs, when properly maintained and repaired when necessary providing a long life to building owners. Their longevity can be extended up to 30 years after installation.

Disadvantages of installing or repairing green roofs in the city of Laval

The city of Laval usually has few flat roofs ideal for installing a green roof. That said, most of the disadvantages occur when installing or repairing the roof, no matter where. The biggest disadvantage of this roof is its weight. Before making the installation, it is necessary to call on a professional who will be able to assure you that your roof will be able to support a green roof. If necessary, the roofer will suggest modifications to the structure. This type of roof is also expensive, this may discourage some.

Maintenance of a green roof on the South Shore

A vegetable garden and a roof with a crop will certainly require a lot of maintenance. It is sometimes even necessary to include an irrigation system. Insurers can sometimes request that an annual maintenance be done and that the report be sent to the insurer. Regular maintenance is required to ensure that there is no major overhaul to be done on the roof during installation.

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