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Why installing an elastomeric membrane roof in the city of Montreal is worth it


For more than 45 years, roofing and roofing installers have been installing elastomeric membrane roofs throughout Quebec. This membrane is mainly used for flat roofs, since it offers superior protection against bad weather. Experts agree that this type of roof has a lifespan of up to 35 years without much maintenance, making this investment profitable to date. It is possible to find this type of coating on commercial, industrial, institutional buildings and apartment complexes. It is estimated by specialists that more than 50% of individuals or companies with roofs eligible for the installation of an elastomeric membrane roof have opted for this type of roof.

What is an elastomeric membrane cover and an example in the city of Laval


Indeed, the elastomer is a mixture of plastic resembling rubber made from petroleum commonly known as modified bitumen. This coating is applied through two successive layers that merge together during installation through the use of a torch. The first layer is considered basic and serves to keep the building waterproof and as a coating. The second layer is called the topcoat since it offers a uniform and attractive color thanks to its mixture incorporating a thin layer of gravel or ceramic. The elastomeric roof is available in several colors including gray, red, black and white.

The installation of an elastomeric membrane roof on the South Shore


One of the great advantages of this type of roof is the fact that it can be installed in extremely hot or cold weather. Previously, it was only possible to install this type of roof in autumn, summer or spring, but new techniques have been developed making winter installation possible. Cold laying reduces the risk of fire. That said, it can not be installed by one person, even if the installer has many years of experience in the business. The installation technique of this type of coating requires the use of a torch and specialized skills. That is why it is suggested to use a team of professionals with experience in laying elastomeric membrane specifically.

Repairing an elastomeric membrane roof or roofing in Montreal


This type of roofing requires an annual examination by a professional to make sure the roof is watertight. By calling on someone qualified, it will be possible to pinpoint the potential problems that the roof could face in the future due to freezing and thawing. With a simple repair of the elastomeric membrane roof, it will be possible to increase the life of the roof a few years and make sure not to have problems of expensive water infiltration.

The benefits of a roof and elastomeric membrane roof in Montreal


The advantages of this type of roof are numerous and that is why it is the most installed type of roof for flat roofs everywhere in Quebec, but specifically in Montreal. Here are the main advantages of this type of roof:

  • Weatherproof common in Quebec
  • Lifetime up to 35 years
  • Year-round installation (including winter)
  • Profitable investment after only a few years
  • Require little maintenance (recommendation: 1 time per year)

It is obvious with a simple research to understand that having a roof or elastomeric membrane cover is a good choice for flat roofs. However, there is something important to think about before installing the roof: the color. By choosing a color such as gray or white, it is possible to extend the life of the roof since it will reflect the sun’s rays and store less heat than a black roof. In other words, it will stay colder and possibly last longer.

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