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Metal roofs, or also commonly referred to as metal roofs, have been thought of and created to last for many years. This type of roof can be made from either sheet metal or galvanized steel. According to specialists, their lifespan slightly exceeded 50 years, why they are also considered permanent. Recent installation techniques developed in recent years and an increasingly skilled workforce have reduced costs and improved the durability of permanent roofs.
Although metal roofing is more expensive to install and purchase compared to a traditional shingle roof, its durability saves homeowners an average of over $ 10,000 after 30 years. .

The installation and repair of this type of roof has many tangible benefits as well as some disadvantages. It is important to weigh the pros and the cons as well as to consult a professional in order to be certain that this roof will suit you.

The many benefits of installing and repairing sheet metal roofing in the city of Montreal

The benefits are real and many. We install and repair this type of roof throughout the greater Montreal area. This includes Laval, the North Shore and the South Shore.

Benefit # 1: The life of a metal roof
Metal roofs have a lifespan of up to more than 50 years with little maintenance. When the owner calls on a professional team, the repair of this type of elegant and noble roof is easy and often less expensive than that of traditional shingle.

Benefit # 2: Eco-Responsible Choice

Some people care about the environmental impact of the choices they make every day. It is therefore important to note that all the permanent roofs that we offer are 100% recyclable. Permanent roofs are an ecological choice because of their long lifetimes and the fact that they are fully recyclable.

Benefit # 3: Increase the value of your home

Add value to your home with a roof made of metal. In addition to offering good value for money, metal roofs come with a 50-year transferable warranty. Houses with roofs made of metal are more expensive on the market than similar houses with shingle roofs. The resale value increases with the installation of a metal roof. In addition, the majority of buyers take care to evaluate the roof of the house they buy to avoid many renovations. With a permanent roof and a 50-year transferable warranty, buyers will know they will have no worries with the roof of the new home, which can be an important selling point.

Benefit # 4: Multitude of Choice Offered

In addition to nobility and elegance, metal shingles come in a dozen colors. Without a doubt, one of them will enchant you and match your home style.

The disadvantages of a permanent roof in the city of Laval and on the South Shore.


Disadvantage # 1: The price

This product requires a lot of energy to produce, since it is made of metal. This makes the initial installation cost expensive and may discourage some.

Disadvantage # 2: A noisy roof

It is true that this type of roof can sometimes be noisy, especially when it is raining outside. There are ways to avoid noise, including calling on a professional team to install insulation during installation.

How we install metal roofing in the city of Montreal

With efficient precision tools to bend the metal, our installation team will visit your home to install your roof in no more than a few days. Our precision tools and the materials used make the permanent roof installation expensive at first sight, but this roof will be cheaper after only a few years.

Install a permanent shingle roof yourself

The installation process is complicated, that’s why we work with a professional and qualified roofing team for all of our roofing projects, whether it’s in the city of Laval, Montreal or on the Shore. South.

Avoid water infiltration with a permanent roof

Permanent roofs when properly installed provide superior sealing to the traditional shingle. Calling a professional team makes the task easy and above all much less expensive than a water infiltration.


Repair and maintenance of a metal shingle roof on the North Shore, the South Shore and the City of Montreal

Since this type of roof is made of metal, it will only be vulnerable to corrosion of the air. It should ask you little attention over its long years of life, but if you unfortunately have a problem and you want our experts to take care of the repair of your roof, it would be our pleasure to you send a qualified and efficient team on the spot.


Who makes the purchase of a metal roof?

This type of roof is not suitable for all homeowners. In our experience, there are two types of individuals who usually decide to buy a metal roof.

The first are those who wish to increase the beauty of their home. They perceive their home as an expression and a representation of themselves. They want to have a home in their image and like the increase in value associated with the installation of a metal roof.

The second are those who wish to remain in their home for many more years. They see this type of roof as a long-term investment. Combined with energy savings and the fact that this type of roof is recyclable they make this choice eco-responsible and profitable.


Invest or not invest in a metal roof in Montreal

If you are still not convinced, know that the majority of shingled roofs must be replaced 8 to 12 years after installation and that at this time, the metal roof becomes profitable.

It is important to perceive a permanent roof as an investment and not an expense. It will automatically increase the value of your building with its 50-year transferable warranty, which is an important point of sale when selling the home.

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