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Regularly inspecting the roof of the house is essential, especially in areas where the climate is particularly capricious, such as Montreal. Generally, it is necessary to conduct this check before and after winter as freezing puts your construction under severe strain. Discover the essentials to know about the inspection of the roof of your home in Montreal.

How is a roof inspection done in Montreal?


This is to check the condition of the roof of the house, identify any problems in order to find solutions, including repairs. Indeed, the roof is one of the most important structures of a house and therefore requires special attention. It guarantees optimum comfort, especially during periods of cold or rain.

This task is entrusted to professionals who have received specific training. Rates vary depending on the services offered. Indeed, some are equipped with drones to carry out a roof inspection. This equipment is also essential for sloping roofs where access via stairs is difficult or impossible.

Note that the price of a roof repair in Montreal is reasonable, especially when anomalies are detected in time. Anyway, the prices and materials to rebuild its roof are very diverse and tinsmiths in Montreal are numerous and qualified to meet your expectations. You can turn to the specialist who best meets your needs and requirements.

What elements to inspect?

External inspection

Inspecting the roof of the house means controlling the overall appearance of the roof, making sure that there is no swelling or sagging and that no tiles are missing. It is also very important to look at water drainage systems like gutters to check if they are not clogged with debris or leaves.

This external verification will minimize the risk of water infiltration at the joints of the roof, any cracks or subsidence due to the wear of the coatings. It is also necessary to check the ventilation system of the home to decide if cleaning is required.

Internal Inspection

In addition to checking the exterior of the roof, it is important to carry out an internal inspection to identify any problems. It is strongly discouraged to skip this step since the costs of repairing the internal damage are particularly expensive.

The elements to be checked are the insulating materials, walls and joints and the condition of the pillars that support the roof: are they dry? Are there insects that attack the wood? Do mushrooms grow in this area? So many essential controls to make sure everything is fine. If this is not the case, arrangements can / should be made quickly.

This step is crucial if you want to prevent the damage from spreading to the outside. Indeed, the more extensive the damage, the more difficult the repairs and the more expensive they are.

What are the benefits of inspecting your roof?

The roof is the first guarantee of the comfort of your home. If it is of good quality, it will keep you warm in winter and dry and out of the sun during the summer. It is therefore essential that it benefits from adequate preventive treatment and a quality and durable repair.

A regularly inspected roof also lasts longer. Indeed, the problems are detected in time and will not worsen, which could then completely degrade the structure.

Another advantage, and perhaps the most important, is that the inspection saves considerably on possible repair costs. The small degradations are then repaired very quickly and the sources of problems like the dead leaves that clog the pipes are regularly removed.

What precautions should you take before starting an inspection?

Although the inspection is usually left to the care of a professional, some owners engage in this task which is not really complicated in itself. However, it is more or less dangerous for those with vertigo as you are forced to climb to a certain height.

Generally, if you have a flat roof, you can access it easily and without problems, unlike the sloped roof. The shape of the latter generates particular difficulties. It is therefore necessary to make safety arrangements, especially if you are not used to working at height.

First, it is advisable to choose a stable scale. It would be wise to provide the end that leans on the ground of a non-slip device for optimal adhesion while the other end must be wrapped with a protection to avoid peeling paint from the wall. If it does not, you can use a piece of cloth securely attached.

Secondly, it is necessary to be assisted by another person in the event of an accident or to maintain the stability of the ladder. In addition, she can help you by passing the materials to clear the roof of dead leaves and leaf litter. In this way, you will not have to tire yourself up and down the ladder.

From a clothing standpoint, make sure your shoes are not slippery for easy movement. It is also recommended to wear light clothing that is not likely to hang on the scale.

Finally, if you are a fan of new technologies, you can inspect your roof with a drone. This initiative will allow you to stay on the ground while having an overview on the exterior roof.

The inspection of the roof is a step not to neglect to extend its life. Houses in regions with harsh winters like Montreal are particularly concerned by this approach. It must be carried out annually in these regions while only one is necessary for others as in Europe for example. If this approach can be undertaken by yourself, it is recommended to use the services of a professional in this area.

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