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A damaged and poorly maintained roof can become a nightmare, especially during the winter in Montreal. The cold is likely to pass between the breaches and isolation is no longer of great efficiency. That’s why it’s important to repair your roof leaks. Discover the essential points to remember about the repair of your roof in Montreal.

The different types of roofs in Montreal

There are different types of roofs that decorate homes in Montreal. The structures are designed to adapt to harsh weather conditions in winter and mild weather in summer.

Sloping roof

The sloping roof is the most common in Montreal. Among other things, it facilitates the flow of melted ice, snow and water. Its shape also gives it a more effective insulation capacity and space savings. Indeed, it is possible to arrange the interior located just below the roofs to make it habitable.

The flat roof

This style of modern architecture is more characteristic of recent houses. Its contemporary design arouses enthusiasm for new owners. It allows to create a green space or a relaxation area on the roof and to optimize the brightness of the house by setting up skylight systems.

What are the appropriate coatings?

The choice of coating requires special attention so that it can adapt perfectly to the home. Different criteria such as the budget, the shape of the roof, the visual and aesthetic appearance as well as the surface to be covered must then be taken into account.

Sloping roof

There are many sloping roof coatings: traditional concrete, metal or plastic tiles, asphalt or fiberglass shingles, slate or terracotta roofing.

Interview rates and roof repair costs differ depending on the type of flooring you choose, such as repairing a slate roof or repairing a bitumen roof.

The flat roof

The lining used in Canadian homes is a felt membrane that is run under liquid asphalt and is covered with gravel. The second material is an elastomeric membrane that is both lightweight and strong.

The costs of repairing flat roofs differ according to the type of pavement used: asphalt pavement is cheaper than elastomers.

When should you repair your roof?

Whether it is a flat or sloping roof repair, it is necessary to carry out a roof inspection in Montreal almost every year for possible repairs. The summer period is the perfect time to make repairs. The snow has already melted and the temperature is pleasant.

However, it is useless to wait for the hot season to proceed to a possible repair. If you notice insulation that is no longer fully effective, corrective action should be taken immediately. In addition, it is essential to regularly sweep the snow that covers the roof, especially the one that sits on the sides.

Why is it necessary to repair your roof regularly?

Whether it’s repairing a slate roof, repairing a tiled roof or repairing a bitumen roof, repairing the roof in Montreal must be done without delay, from the moment damage is found.

In fact, water (rain or melting snow and ice) can infiltrate the house and cause mold, harmful to health. In addition, an insulation that is not waterproof is very penalizing when the temperature begins to fall.

In order to prevent the roof repair price from being too high, it is also important to regularly check weakened areas and repair them immediately before the problem gets worse. Note that even though the prices and materials for remaking the roof are relatively high, regular maintenance guarantees a lifetime of several decades.

In addition, for the repair of roof leaks, it is better to call a specialist like the tinsmith in Montreal to avoid unpleasant surprises. Indeed, he has the knowledge and experience necessary to patch them in a simple and effective way.

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