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Snow and ice that accumulate on the roof can pose a potential hazard to the entire home. This is the reason why it is imperative, even vital, to carry out regular snow removal from the roof in order to avoid overcrowding. Toiture Couvreur Montreal offers just this type of intervention. But why, when and how to remove snow and ice from your roof?

The usefulness of snow and roof ice removal

Many homeowners wonder why it is necessary to remove snow and ice from their roofs, when the snow melts on its own as soon as the temperature rises. This is a legitimate question, but there are many reasons for carrying out these operations and they even guarantee the durability of your home.

In fact, the accumulation of snow and ice on the roof creates excess weight that the roof structure could no longer support after a while. The entire home may weaken, causing unusual cracking noises and cracks in interior walls.

As the situation worsens, interior doors begin to rub and jam when in use. Deformations in the ceiling are also visible with the naked eye. It is becoming urgent to take action.

Another problem with weakening the structure, water seeps in through cracks caused by the ice and snow clusters. Thus, water gradually drains inside the house, causing premature wear of the wood and the insulation.

That’s not all: the mass of snow and ice that collects on the roof can slip off at any time, especially on sloping roofs. This represents a real danger for people walking around outside, near the home.

Finally, ice that collects on the roof can clog the drainage pipes, preventing it from draining normally when the snow melts. This further accelerates the infiltration of water inside the building.

When to snow and ice your roof?

You don’t have to wait until the end of winter to start de-icing and removing snow from a roof. Regular examination of the thickness of snow and ice that builds up there in winter is necessary.

In general, snow and ice removal are necessary when the snow is more than 60 cm, or 23 inches high, and the ice is more than 17 cm, or 6 inches high .

Inspection is highly desirable after a snowstorm has passed, and the older your roof, the more frequently this inspection should be done.

For those who have not carried out a regular inspection of their roof, it is imperative to remove snow and ice from the roof as soon as an abnormal sign appears inside the home . It may be a sewage smell in the home, a gradual difficulty in closing and opening the entrance doors, or the presence of unusual cracking noises in the structure.

You should be aware that the longer you delay inspecting the roof, the worse the damage may be. And damage means repairs, which leads to more costs.

How is snow and ice removal from your roof?

Homeowners sometimes do the snow and ice removal from their roofs themselves. However, this process involves many difficulties and above all risks of falling due to working at height. And you need specific equipment.

If you do not have the experience and the necessary equipment, it is strongly recommended not to do it yourself. Precisely Toiture Couvreur Montreal is an expert in the field. Our team of specialized roofers will de-icing and clearing snow from your roof in accordance with standards and with the appropriate equipment.

Thanks to their particular skills, our technicians carry out a complete intervention on the roof. They start by inspecting the level of snow and ice thickness before studying the roof drainage system.

They also take a look at the integrity of your roof and the overall structure of the house. In this way, any risk of subsidence or water infiltration will be avoided. During the snow and ice removal process, everything is done to preserve the protective membrane of the roof.

Contact Toiture Couvreur Montreal for regular maintenance and emergencies

Toiture Couvreur Montreal has the skills and experience necessary to take care of snow and ice removal from your roof. Call us for regular maintenance.

And beyond the actual clearing, an inspection of the risky and fragile areas of your roof is carried out. This precaution allows the early detection of the onset of water infiltration and structural weakening under the weight of snow and ice.

We are also at your disposal in the event of a roofing emergency. If you notice a leak, crack or other problem that requires immediate intervention, a team will be dispatched to the site at any time of the day and night, every day of the week.

Snow and ice removal from a roof are delicate operations that require special attention. Contributing to the longevity of your home, they must be carried out by seasoned specialists for optimal results, but also to avoid unpleasant surprises. So trust our experience in the field. Your peace of mind and your security are at stake.

And in addition to our technical interventions, we are entirely at your disposal. We advise you on the measures and precautions to take to monitor your roof and will prevent snow from piling up too much on the roof.

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