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The choice of flat roofing can sometimes be complex as several options are available to homeowners and these flat roofs require special attention. When installing or repairing flat roofs, regardless of the type of roof, it is important to use professional roofers to ensure that the work is submitted to the highest standards of the industry. On this page, you will learn the types of overlays often installed on flat roofs in the city of Montreal, Laval and on the South Shore.

The main types of flat roofing installed in the city of Montreal

Indeed, the city of Montreal is the place with the highest concentration of flat roofs in Quebec. This is not surprising since the majority of buildings with flat roofs are industrial, commercial or apartment buildings. There are four main types of coatings installed in Quebec: the elastomeric membrane, the asphalt roof, the vinyl membrane and the synthetic rubber membrane. The first two types are considered multilayer, while the last two are considered monolayers. The advantages and disadvantages of these two broad categories are put forward below.


Installing an elastomeric membrane on a flat roof

This type of roof has been installed in Quebec for more than 45 years by roofers. It is an excellent type of coating against common weather such as temperature changes, snow and high winds. Professionals agree that this type of roof has a life expectancy of about 35 years with a minimum of maintenance. It is a profitable investment for flat roof owners. Since this type of cladding is profitable, the majority of flat roofs in the city of Laval, the city of Montreal and on the South Shore have this type of cladding installed.

What is the elastomeric membrane for flat roofs

Simply put, the elastomeric membrane is a mixture made from petroleum, similar to plastic, very much like rubber. It is necessary, during installation, to cover the flat roof with two layers, one after the other. When properly put in place, these two layers merge through the use of the heat released by a torch.

The two layers are different from each one. The layer installed first is the base layer. Its purpose is to seal and protect the flat roof. Thanks to the introduction of gravel or sometimes even ceramic, the second layer gives color to the elastomeric roof. This last layer allows homeowners to choose from a variety of color when it comes time to choose the flat roof color.

Elastomeric membrane repair for flat roofs

With a simple examination and inspection done once a year by a professional, it is possible to ensure the proper protection of the flat roof with elastomeric membrane. It is possible that the flat roof on which the latter is installed requires repair, since it is subject to huge temperature changes and bad weather common in Quebec. If so, hiring a professional will help ensure your roof remains efficient and durable for years to come.

About the installation and repair of a flat roof asphalt and gravel in the city of Laval

The city of Laval is another city where we find a high concentration of flat roof. That said, the second type of coating that can be installed on a flat roof is asphalt and gravel. Several points are important to note when it is time to choose this type of roof.

This type of roof has an estimated lifespan of about 20 to 25 years at most. Suddenly, the installation of this roof consists of coating the entire flat roof with four to five successive layers of felt mixed with bitumen. Between each of these layers, the roofer will introduce asphalt at very high temperatures and cover the whole with a thin layer of gravel.

This type of coating is quite resistant to temperature variations and durable as it is possible to expect from a flat roof. Following an annual inspection by a professional, it will be possible to make sure the roof is watertight and, if necessary, to know if it is necessary to add gravel on the surface of the roof to ensure its longevity.

About a repair or installation of a vinyl membrane on the South Shore

Another alternative to the asphalt and gravel roof as well as to the elastomeric-coated flat roof is a flat vinyl roof. This type of monolayer coating less popular with homeowners has a rather lustrous appearance, which gives it a certain advantage. Its gloss and the fact that it is smooth give the vinyl membrane roof some advantages. One of the advantages of it is that it is easy to clean.

The membrane is also known to be excellent especially for flat industrial roofs, as it offers effective protection against bacteria, mold and insect pests. The biggest defect of this membrane is that it is not very resistant to possible scratches and tears. It is therefore important to take the necessary precautions to avoid tears proving costly and sometimes devastating.

Repair and install a synthetic rubber membrane in Montreal


This other type of monolayer coating is similar to the vinyl membrane. The important difference is that the latter is installed using tape or ultra-resistant glue unlike the hot-melt installation that requires the vinyl membrane. Its immense resistance to bacteria, tears and mildew makes this type of flat roof coating an excellent choice for green roofs growing fruits and vegetables.


Advantages and disadvantages of multilayer coating types for flat roofs


Each of its types of coatings has advantages and disadvantages when it is time to install or repair them. The first two types of coatings presented are considered multilayer. The elastomeric membrane and asphalt and gravel cover provide a longer-lasting coating, but may cost homeowners more costly during installation. They are popular with homeowners as they are easy to install and efficient for the vast majority of roofs.


Advantages and disadvantages of monolayer coatings for flat roofs


One-coat coatings, either the vinyl membrane or the rubber membrane, offer special advantages. The first advantage comes from the fact that these types of roofs are recyclable in their entirety. The second advantage is that they often have a lower price, when compared to flat roof monolayers. Their big disadvantage is that they are less durable than multi-layer covers, since they have a life span of 15 to 35 years. They are mainly used for green or industrial roofs with specific needs.

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