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Slate is a mysterious stone. Many roofs installed in previous centuries have been made from this stone. It is indeed a legacy that was bequeathed to us by France. During the 1970s, this material gained popularity among building owners. That’s why we can see it all over Quebec, but especially on the North Shore, in the city of Laval, in the city of Montreal and on the South Shore.

It is now still possible to observe this type of roof when traveling by car in Quebec.

It is elegant and remains quite durable and resistant to our common weather in Quebec.

The different types of slate that can be used when installing a roof

Slate is at the base, a metamorphic rock that cuts naturally in successive layers. This feature has made slate a material of choice for many centuries. However, it is now possible to use synthetic slate when installing a roof.

True slate

Indeed, true slate is a metamorphic sedentary stone that flips through under pressure. This stone is part of the shale family and is generally mined by open pit mines around the world. When used as roofing material, it has a very long life of up to 100 years.

Synthetic slate

Synthetic slate is certainly less expensive. It is actually a mixture of minerals, water and cement. Yet it still has characteristics very similar to the real slate.

Similar to the level of solidity and insulation that true slate, it is sometimes used for exterior entrances and floors. Despite its lower cost, this mixture called synthetic slate has a lifespan of about 70 years.

The price of installing a slate roof in the city of Montreal

The price for a permanent roof made of natural slate varies enormously depending on the origin of the stone, the surface and the inclination of the roof on which the slate must be installed. In addition, real slate is subject to North American standards which raises its price.

Install and repair a slate roof in the city of Montreal

Benefit # 1: Its long life

A well-installed slate roof has a life span of over 100 years with minimal maintenance. A synthetic slate roof, however, has less durability and a lifetime of up to 70 years.

Benefit # 2: Add value to your home

In addition to adding value to your home, a slate roof adds cachet and elegance to your building. It often comes with a 50-year transferable warranty, which increases the resale value of the home. Buyers often want to avoid having to re-roof after buying a house. This is an excellent point of sale and a profitable investment vehicle after only a few years.

Benefit # 3: Excellent Roof Cover for Quebec

Slate, whether natural or synthetic, offers a very good roof covering in Quebec. Slate roofs, when properly installed, are exceptionally waterproof, offer unparalleled insulation and are extremely durable. These advantages make this type of roof a choice to consider for all building owners in the city of Montreal, Laval and the South Shore.

The possible disadvantages of a slate roof in the greater Montreal area

Disadvantage # 1: Cost of a slate roof

It is true that a slate roof is expensive compared to a metal roof or a traditional roof made of asphalt shingles. Its price may disinterested some. That said, it is important to consider this type of roof as an investment and not an expense if you think of living in the house for many more years.

Disadvantage # 2: Few color choices

Slate is a stone, which reduces the choice of color offered. Indeed, depending on the shale quarry from which it is extracted, its color and texture may vary. It is possible to find slate of green, purple, black and red color.

Since it is offered in a few colors, some homeowners may decide to choose another type of roof.

Disadvantage # 3: Slate is a heavy material

Slate is a heavy material that requires a professional and well-equipped team to repair or install it. An error can cost the owner several thousand dollars, so it is better to call on an experienced team.

Why is it important to use an experienced roof installation team?

It is important to understand when laying, installing and repairing permanent slate roofing, it is suggested to hire a roofing craftsman. He will know how to follow the strictest labor standards. A team of roofers will have to assist during the installation itself.

In addition, since the material is heavy, it is imperative to ensure that the roof structure on which the slate will be installed is able to support the weight. The roofing craftsman and his team will ensure that the frame is adapted.

The installation of slate roofing in the city of Montreal

In order to install a slate roof in the city of Montreal, Laval or even on the South Shore, it is important to contact an expert who can move to your property to offer a quote in person. It is not professional or recommended to estimate by telephone since the price of this type of roof can vary enormously and some roofs are not suitable for a slate roof.

Permanent slate roofing repair in the city of Laval

Whether you are in Laval, Montreal or the South Shore, our team of professional repairers will move to make the repair. Whether your slate is broken, dislocated, disappeared or crumbled, our professional team will be able to deal with it effectively. Failure to repair immediately after discovering problems may be very expensive. When the slate is gone, broken or crumbled, the watertightness of the roof is reduced and water infiltration or roof rotting becomes commonplace.

Maintenance of a permanent slate roof

It is suggested to begin to inspect a slate roof once a year 30 years after installation to avoid water ingress or lack of watertightness. The person responsible for the inspection will ensure that you do not have missing, broken or broken slate and suggest, if necessary, to repair or replace the slate roof.

Slate roof installation and repair in brief

Real or synthetic slate roofs are elegant, durable and remain a very good roof choice for the entire Quebec region. That said, the biggest disadvantage of this type of roof is the price. If you want an estimate for a repair or installation of a slate roof, it is important to contact professionals.

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