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A damaged or poorly maintained roof can quickly cause significant damage to the house and to the structure. It is therefore necessary to take the necessary measures as soon as an anomaly is observed. For this, it is important to hire professionals in the field who guarantee work carried out in accordance with standards and therefore sustainable. Toiture Couvreur Montreal offers quality services and intervenes urgently at any time to help you.

A roofing emergency?

There are many factors that can cause roof damage. While the problems caused by the aging of the structure are detected by regular inspections, those that arise without warning are sometimes more serious and require emergency intervention.

This happens very often in regions where the climate is capricious such as Montreal, especially during winter. But storms, strong winds, oxidation of gutters and the presence of harmful insects also represent dangers for the structure.

In all cases, there is an emergency roof when damage must be repaired as quickly as possible, without waiting for periodic and regulatory maintenance.

Why call on professionals for a roofing emergency?

Repairing a roof is a delicate process that requires special skill and knowledge. A job that is poorly done or does not meet the standards is indeed less durable and can even cause more serious damage, especially in regions like Montreal. In the end, it could cost you a lot more.

It even happens that the replacement becomes necessary because of calculation errors or small carelessness. The intervention of a team of professionals who have received the appropriate training is therefore essential to guarantee your satisfaction and above all to avoid wasting money and time.

Why entrust the emergency work to Toiture Couvreur Montreal?

We have proven ourselves in our 20 years of experience in the field. We also attach great importance to the satisfaction of our customers and we are therefore committed to offering services that meet everyone’s expectations, and much more.

Our teams use the best tools on the market in order to be more efficient and to provide quality and rapid service. The professionals who make up our teams also pay attention to the smallest details in order to minimize the risk of errors, which can sometimes be irreparable. In addition, we have a commercial insurance policy that fully protects you in the event of damage.

Choosing Toiture Couvreur Montréal also means choosing a competitive and reasonable rate. Finally, we have flexible hours to adapt to your needs and requirements. You can use our services during the week or at the weekend. Our intervention schedule is both wide and flexible.

How to contact us in case of a roof emergency?

We provide 24/7 emergency service to keep our customers happy. You can make a quick quote to get an idea of ​​the services and prices. Then complete the “Free quote” form by providing the following information:

  • Your first name;
  • Your phone number;
  • Your email;
  • Your address;
  • The type of roof (gravel, shingles, slate or even metal);
  • The type of building (commercial, industrial, single-family or even duplex).

You can also fill in the “Additional comments” field if you wish to add additional information, then click on “Get a free quote”. We will send you an answer within 24 hours.

What services do we offer when you use us?

Our teams start by thoroughly inspecting your roof and assessing the situation when you call on us. They look for anomalies and determine possible causes. It is only afterwards that they propose the appropriate solutions: repair or replacement. It should be noted that the advice given is only in your interest, so that the constructions are durable.

Roof Emergency 24/7
Roof Emergency 24/7

Roof repair

The roofs are designed to ensure the comfort and safety of the occupants of the house during all seasons in Montreal. There are several types:

  • Sloping models: these are the most numerous in this region of Canada. This inclined arrangement promotes the flow of water or even snow and melted ice during winter. It somehow facilitates the maintenance of the roof during this period since it is important that this part of the house remains clear;
  • Flat models: they are mostly found on modern constructions. These types of roofs give you the opportunity to create relaxation areas on your roof.

We take care of the repair of these different types of roofs. The prices also depend on the coatings. Tariffs for bituminous asphalt, for example, are lower than those for elastomer for a flat model.

Roof replacement

You must choose a new structure in the event that our experts believe that the replacement is the most suitable solution for the general condition of your roof. To do this, you will have to take into account the quality of the constituent materials and your budget. We take care of the installation of the following types of roofs and coatings:

  • Elastomer roof: it is one of the most resistant, but it is not recyclable;
  • Green roof: it is durable and also resistant to snow and wind. The aesthetic appearance it brings to your home and its ecological footprint are also major assets of this option;
  • Slate roof: it is elegant and has a great longevity if it is well maintained. It is also waterproof and non-combustible, but its weight and fragility are its drawbacks;
  • Shingle roofing: This type of roofing is known for its durability, especially if you opt for a heavy model. You also have the choice between wood shingles and asphalt shingles. These are much more resistant, especially against humidity, and easy to maintain. The downside is that they can crack under the sun’s rays;
  • Sheet metal roof: the sheet is recyclable and easy to maintain. It resists snow better than asphalt and has an optimal lifespan. However, it is noisy when it rains;
  • Flat roof: this model especially attracts building owners in town thanks to its modern design. It is therefore pleasant to see, but exposes you to the risk of water infiltration if the installation is not properly sealed.

Tinsmith roofer

In the building industry, the roofing tinsmith manufactures metal construction materials such as vents and roof outlets. He also takes care of their installation. His expertise is sometimes even essential before installing a roof. This professional has the skills required to determine the materials that best suit your home. It is also possible to call on him for the regular or emergency inspection of your roof.

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